Thuraya Satellite Phone Airtime

Thuraya offers two types of Prepaid Sim Cards

1.Thuraya Standard Prepay SIM Card: This sim card offers low standard rates across all the entire Thuraya coverage area. This SIM card is great option for Thuraya satellite phone customers who wish to purchase prepaid airtime rather than sign up for a postpaid-monthy account.

2.Thuraya NOVA SIM Card: This sim card offers cheaper rates from a select group of countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, but higher rates in all other countries where Thuraya has coverage.

We recommend to review the NOVA Sim Card Country List to check if you can get cheaper rates where you are planning to use your Thuraya handset. You can also have one NOVA sim Card and a Standard Prepaid sim card so that you can take advantage of the lower call rates when you are calling from the NOVA SIM countries and use the Thuraya Prepay SIM everywhere else in the Thuraya Network.

Coverage area : Africa, Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, India, Australia

Comparison Chart – Prepaid Standard and NOVA Cards