Satellite Wifi Hotspots – Iridium GO!

Iridium GO! Satellite Wifi Hotspot Voice & Data Device for SmartPhones & Tablets

The iridium GO satellite wifi hotspot turns your smartphone or tablet into a portable satellite phone, with rich features such as email, SMS, tracking, SOS, weather reports, social media updating, and much more. The iridium GO however does have the option to use the Opera Mini application to download web pages, but iridiums systems only operates at a maximum of 10 kbps, which is slower than dial up, and downloading web pages can be an almost impossible task.

The GO applications along with your smart devices and the Opera Mini app can be tweaked to get the most out of downloading a web page, such as taking out images, and making sure all running apps in the background are disabled, and of course making sure your iridium GO hotspot is in a good position for signal strength.

Some of these factors might help, but when it cmoes down to it, the iridium system currently is not designed for any such high speed activity. Iridium NEXT, which will be operable with the iridium GO does promise higher data speeds, but as for now if you require any web browsing, or a data connection that provides 3G type speeds, then you might want to take a look at the current Inmarsat IsatHub Wideye iSavi Satellite internet WiFi Hotspot

One of the smallest, and fully featured satellite phones ever made, that now works with your own smartphone, or tablet as a satellite wifi hotspot.

The new iridium GO satellite smartphone wifi hotspot is a vision of today’s growing technology in worldwide satellite communications, and theinnovators that brought the first global satellite system is now moving forward to tie our global generation together with the combination of satellite, and cellular technology in the form of a Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot that lets you use your existing Apple iPhone, iPad, or any Android smartphone or tablet through the use of a control application that you download on your smart device. It can handle 5 simaltaneous users, with all the features of a typical satellite handset and more, as well as other features such as SMS, email, SOS, tracking, weather, GPS location, and the possible download of a web page through the use of the Oera Mini App on your smartphone, or tablet. However, make sure to read the details on this, because as most current iridium satellite phone users know,..Iridium only provides a data rate of a maximum of 10 kbps, whic is slower than old dial up. So don’t expect to be browsing the internet.

Iridium GO! Satellite WiFi Hotspot

This pocket-sized device makes a Wifi hotspot that turns any iphone, ipad, android smartphone, or tablet into an iridium global satellite phone. (view details)

Iridium GO! Marine Kit

The Iridium GO! Marine kit that keeps you connected at sea with all the accessories you need to set up and easily mount it in your boat. (view details)


Iridium GO! Adventure Package w/ Solar Panel & Case

The Iridium GO! Adventure Package includes the pocket-sized Iridium Go! device that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot. (view details)



Iridium GO! Global Roaming Kit w/ Case & Airtime

Iridium GO! Global Roaming Kit with Iridium GO! 400 Sim Card & Hard Case (view details)