Inmarsat Fixed Satellite Terminals

Beam Oceana 400 Satellite Terminal for Inmarsat Fleetphone

Specifically designed to operate with the Inmarsat “FleetPhone” in maritime applications (view details)

Cobham Sailor Fleet One Marine Satellite Terminal

SAILOR Fleet One is the ideal complement to the new Inmarsat Fleet One service, (view details)


Beam Terra 400 Inmarsat Land Fixed Phone

Compact satellite terminal purposely designed for use in land fixed sites and emergency service applications. (view details)



Beam Oceana 800 Marine Fixed Fleet Phone

Multi-use satellite terminal that allows connection to reliable voice and data communication service to maritime users. (view details)



Beam Terra 800 Inmarsat Land Fixed Phone

An all-in-one satellite terminal designed to be utilized in a wide variety of land based applications; (view details)