BEAM RST740 Iridium Active Antenna

BEAM Iridium Active Antenna (RST740)

The Beam RST740 Iridium Active Antenna is a small, Omni-directional antenna designed to work on Iridium BEAM docks and terminals. It is ideal for Luxury Vessels, Fishing Vessels, Recreational Boating, Homesteads, Remote Farms and Buildings.Compatible with all Iridium Satellite Products.

This Active Antenna comes with a complete a power supply and 9-32V DC input. It can support long cable runs of more than 100m (328 feet). This product is designed for use with active cables only.


  • Active antenna
  • Small size / footprint
  • Omni Directional
  • Supports long cable runs
  • Iridium Approved

Note: Combining an Active Antenna with Standard Cables will damage the Antenna.

Frequency: 1616MHz – 1626.5MHz
Input Voltage: 9-36 VDC
DC Peak Power Draw: 30W
DC RMS Power Draw: 3.2W
DC RMS Power Draw: 32W
Iridium Approved
Includes Power Amplifier
AC Plug Pack (Wall cable not included)
Part Number: RST740